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최나경, 투표를 통해 빈 심포니에서 아웃 <내용 추가>

MiTomoYo 2013. 8. 8. 23:33

오늘 Norman Lebreht의 블로그에 올라온 글에 의하면 작년 빈 심포니 수석으로 입단한 최나경(Jasmine Choi)씨가 단원들의 투표를 거쳐서 빈 심포니에서 아웃당했다고 한다.

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<실력만으로 모든 것이 해결 되지 않는 것 역시 음악계에서 살아나기 힘든 이유 중 하나일지도 모른다.>

출처에서 보는 것처럼 Norman Lebreht는 그녀가 쫓겨난 가장 큰 이유에는 성차별과 인종차별의 요소가 크다고 논평을 했다. 여기에 Ferenc Gabor라는 분이(전 이스라엘필 비올라 단원, 현 Konzerthausorchester 비올라 수석 및 지휘자로써 활동) 페이스북에 댓글을 남겼다. 여기 그 전문을 써보자면

In every orchestra in the world there is a trial year or even two years, for the colleagues to judge if they find somebody adequate to join, or to refuse per individual votum. There are many example s for rejecting a fabulous instrumentalist which on his/her turn, practically the next day, gets a new job in an other orchestra. Nothing uncommon in that! I wouldn't jump to conclusions primary I know exactly what and why that happened? Especially the Vienna Symphony is not known for they sexism and racism! All together I Am sorry for her!

대충 내용을 요약하자면 어떤 오케스트라에서도 1~2년동안 새로 들어온 단원(혹은 동료)가 이 오케스트라에 잘 융합이 되는지 안되는지를 판단하게 되고, 이 기간 중에 투표를 통해서 쫓겨나는 경우는 비일비재하다. 빈 심포니 오케스트라는 성차별과 인종차별과는 거리가 먼 오케스트라다. 라는 내용이다.

참고로 빈 심포니에서는 단원들의 프로필 옆에 몇 년도부터 정식 단원이 되어있는지가 적혀있는데, 가장 최근에 단원으로 인정 받는 사람들의 년도는 2011년도이다. (2nd Violin에서 2명, 4번째 악장) 그리고 년도가 적혀있지 않은 단원은 Jasmine Choi와 첼로 보조 수석인 Erik Umenhoffer라는 분 두 명이 전부이다. 개인적인 생각으로는 이 두명은 빈 심포니에서 수습기간중이 아니었나 싶다.

이유야 어찌되었던지 매우 안타까운 일이라고 생각을 하고, 이에 상처받지 말고 더 열심히 활동하는 모습을 봤으면 좋겠다.

===========================<내용 추가>===================================

어제 글에 대한 최나경씨의 공식 입장은 다음과 같다고 한다.

I do admit that many colleagues questioned my trial year, mostly because of the things that I count not change - being a foreigner, asian, female, principal position, studied in the United States, never lived in Europe, never studied in Vienna, etc. Some even told me with sincere concern that I had the complete “wrong” package to become a member of this orchestra. It has been an open discussion among the musicians throughout the whole year, holding some official and unofficial meetings about my position, and I was criticized over micro details such as I was too friendly to everyone that it was calculated, or I should not have made my upcoming Mozart quartets recording with the colleagues in my trial year and so on. Even though in the end I was always told that it is nothing against my playing, nothing I should worry about and just be the self-being and everything would be fine.

However, the result is the result- I had 47 positive votes and 66 negative, and I would like to simply embrace the fact. I was also told that in this orchestra’s entire 113-year history, I am only the second musician to be out after their trial year, following the exit of a concertmaster who happened to be a female Japanese a few years back.

Mr.Johannes Neubert talked about the possibility of playing in the fall when he called on the phone with the news last Saturday, saying that I can take some time to think about this until our meeting. And there has been no further meetings yet, because of the high fever I was going through in the past several days.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Jasmine Choi

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===========================<내용 추가>===================================

이어서 빈 심포니 오케스트라 매니저 Johannes Neubert이 전한 입장입니다.

Dear Mr Lebrecht

We cannot say for sure how many musicians have not passed their trial years in the course of the 113 years of the orchestra’s history. However, what we can say is that in the past 2 decades or so there were many more musicians who did not pass their trial years, for instance 3 concertmasters (one male/Austrian, one female/Austrian, one female/Japanese), 1 principal viola (male/Austrian), 1 principal double-bass (male German), one principal oboe (male/Austrian), one principal bassoon (male/Austrian), one harp (female/Hungarian). These are examples of players on principal positions, only. A list including tutti or second positions would be longer (including both male and female players, the majority Austrians).


Please note, too, that Jasmine Choi was not “fired”. As in the case of all other employments, we advertised the position internationally, auditioned and hired the best candidate with a one-year contract. If there is no positive voting from the orchestra, the contract expires automatically at the end of the trial year. The voting is always anonymous and supervised both by the musicians committee and the management, in order to make sure, that everything is correct. This is common procedure in almost all orchestras we know.


With best wishes

Johannes Neubert

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개인적으로는 Lebreht씨는 제목을 참 자극적으로 뽑는다는 생각이 듭니다. 특히 Neubert씨의 내용에서 보면 그 어느곳에서도 수석 단원을 1년만 쓰고 discard (불필요한 것을 버리다라는 뉘앙스가 짙은 단어입니다.) 한다는 내용은 없습니다만 Norman Lebreht는 Vienna Symphony : We often discard principal players after one year라는 제목을 달아두었습니다.